Definition of jock itch in English:

jock itch


informal North American
  • A fungal infection of the groin area.

    • ‘Ringworm of the groin is called tinea cruris or jock itch.’
    • ‘Also called tinea cruris, jock itch is closely related to other skin conditions with similar names.’
    • ‘There are several common superficial fungal infections and jock itch is one of them.’
    • ‘Tinea cruris, the infection that causes jock itch, is on the way.’
    • ‘Frequent yeast infections, such as jock itch, athlete's foot and toenail fungus, are a third indication.’
    • ‘In teenagers, it goes into the groin and causes jock itch and sometimes to the body, causing ringworm.’
    • ‘Drugs used to treat athlete's foot or jock itch can fight the fungus.’
    • ‘I liked your article on relieving jock itch by using Cetaphil skin cleanser.’
    • ‘The fungi that cause jock itch and related problems thrive in warm moist places.’
    • ‘Cornstarch-based GSE-containing powder fights athlete's foot and jock itch without the risks of talc, which is linked to cervical and lung cancers.’
    • ‘Readers report success against dandruff and smelly feet as well as jock itch.’


1970s jock from jockstrap.


jock itch

/dʒɑk ɪtʃ/