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informal North American
  • 1An ordinary man.

    • ‘he's just a hard-working, divorced average Joe’
    • ‘He travels the circuit, pretending to be an ordinary joe, and then cleans up on bets and prizes because he has a great rock-and-roll voice.’
    • ‘Of course if just the ordinary joe wants to buy my script well, that's ok too.’
    • ‘Hard to imagine an average joe worrying about retirement.’
    • ‘There were serious mountain bikers and some very fancy machines and plenty of average joes and joannes on their deadly treadlies.’
    • ‘The average joe watching Channel 9 would think the whole thing involved a bunch of misguided dreadlocked hippies trying to tear down fences.’
    • ‘You're quick to write something that the rest of the world doesn't accept as poetry, quick to separate yourself from the average joe.’
    • ‘This looks like it will be the last of the Average Joe shows, because the girl has picked the hot guy and not the average joe both times now.’
    • ‘In my case and for most average joes, these occasions can be counted on one hand.’
    • ‘And in this day of reality television, where the average joe is king, the pressure to look like royalty is felt by all of us.’
    • ‘If it weren't for the in-game cinematic sequences, I probably wouldn't have cared what the average joe thought about Novistrana.’
    • ‘Either way, the average joe looking to be entertained is reamed.’
    • ‘Spider-Man was an everyman, a character whose secret identity, Peter Parker, was your average joe.’
    • ‘However, one conclusion you can draw is that the average joe is actually more level headed than most of the experts who run the country.’
    • ‘The average joe in the street doesn't know your name, Posy, but you are getting noticed by the people that matter.’
    • ‘I like to think I'm smart enough to see this all in perspective more than the average joe at least.’
    • ‘So the system is weighted in favor of the habitual offender who knows the intricacies of the law better than the average joe.’
    • ‘I should start this review with a disclaimer: this case is not for your average joe.’
    • ‘So I got a job in a factory, making some money, saving, being a regular joe again.’
    • ‘There was an act to match every taste, and even sober joes like myself could enjoy smoothies, fruit juices, chais and coffees.’
    • ‘So Steve sends me the review tape of the movie and I get to watch it before the rest of you workaday joes.’
  • 2

    (also joe)

    • ‘a cup of joe’
    • ‘In parts of Asia kopi luwak is a highly prized cup of joe made of coffee beans that can cost $150 per pound.’
    • ‘You have to buy breakfast, and as was the case in World War II, you'll be getting just a regular cup of joe, no fancy coffee drinks.’
    • ‘My take is that gelato is to ice cream what a mocha-caramel latte is to a cup of joe.’
    • ‘And it's pushing the new espresso products to price-sensitive latte sippers while still offering its old reliable cups of joe.’
    • ‘A lot of people just want a good strong cup of joe to get ready to go to work.’
    • ‘And I'll get to know this excellent cup of joe personally.’
    • ‘But despite the countless cups of joe chugged down in cubicles, the workplace represents just a fraction of the overall coffee market.’
    • ‘On a recent Monday morning, as I plodded, zombie-like, to the break room at work to get a cup of joe, I passed Elizabeth in the hallway.’
    • ‘The shop's longevity and grandma's living-room decor makes Fong Da a virtual time capsule, as well as a place to sip on a great cup of joe.’
    • ‘Literally hundreds of billions of cups of joe are consumed annually.’
    • ‘So while many of us reach for our cup of joe and tune out the often conflicting caffeine news reports, it may not be a bad idea to keep listening.’
    • ‘Mellow acoustic guitars keep the beat, while Mead's well-crafted lyrics perk up the listener like a good cup of joe.’
    • ‘After all, what's studying without a cup of joe?’
    • ‘Athletes can now find synergy in their morning cup of joe.’
    • ‘For college students, buy a reusable mug so that the daily cup of joe does not lead to daily tossing of paper or Styrofoam cups.’
    • ‘Students, though, were not entirely without their daily cup of joe.’
    • ‘Thirsting for a strong cup of joe, we kept our sand-encrusted eyes peeled for any sign of gourmet coffee.’
    • ‘I ordered a cup of regular joe, cracked open Dharma Bums, and joined my café culture of one.’
    • ‘Trade your morning joe for a cup of green tea.’
    • ‘Plus, in most countries of the world, the places that offer a steamin’ hot cuppa joe and room to sit down and enjoy it are varied and plentiful.’



/jō/ /dʒoʊ/


Mid 19th century pet form of the given name Joseph; compare with Joe Bloggs. Joe (sense 2) arose in the 1940s.