Definition of Joe Schmoe in English:

Joe Schmoe

nounplural noun Joe Schmoes

(also Joe Schmo)
  • A hypothetical ordinary man.

    • ‘a lot of Joe Schmoes make it to the big leagues’
    • ‘And on occasion, their millions of dollars just aren't enough so they have to go and sue some Joe Schmoe for $10 million more.’
    • ‘There were Joe Schmoes like me representing a company that was about to develop its own platform.’
    • ‘Take away the Joe Schmoes from WVU or other state universities and see what core you are left with.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, its the Joe Schmoes knocking over corner stores rather than the Mansons of the world that do more damage in the long run.’
    • ‘The result is that the Joe Schmoes of the world are far less likely to get as much attention from the press or from distributors.’
    • ‘What sets the premium companies apart from the Joe Schmoes is the ability to provide the highest level of service before and after the equipment is installed.’
    • ‘This means that half of your roster will be filled with name players and the other half with Joe Schmoes who aren't particularly good.’
    • ‘These everyday teenage boys are the anchors of the show, everyday Joe Schmoes who idolize Lum but don't have a chance in heck with her.’
    • ‘Having said that, how about one of us Joe Schmoes styling a raw piece of collected material, influenced not by nature, but by one of these cookie cutter bonsai.’
    • ‘For us Joe Schmoes, there's Guitar Hero, the most rockin'est thing to hit both sides of the Mississippi since Jimi Hendrix.’
    • ‘I also can't help but wonder if they have enough business to cause the regular Joe Schmoes to get delayed.’
    • ‘He's a regular Joe Schmoe, and Ontario is full of regular Joe Schmoes.’


Joe Schmoe

/ˌjō ˈSHmō/ /ˌdʒoʊ ˈʃmoʊ/


1940s alteration of schmuck.