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John Bull

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Pronunciation /ˌjän ˈbo͝ol/ /ˌdʒɑn ˈbʊl/


  • A personification of England or the typical Englishman, represented as a stout red-faced farmer in a top hat and high boots.

    ‘In the last few years we've had Heffer, Paxman, Marr, Nairn, Davies, Barnett Marquand and now Andrew Marr, all interrogating the soul of John Bull.’
    ‘Henceforth, Palmerston found that he could control the electorate (which in fact he feared) by this John Bull approach.’


Late 18th century from the name of a character representing the English nation in John Arbuthnot's satire Law is a Bottomless Pit; or, the History of John Bull (1712).


John Bull

/ˌjän ˈbo͝ol/ /ˌdʒɑn ˈbʊl/