Definition of Johne's disease in English:

Johne's disease

Pronunciation /ˈyōniz diˌzēz/ /ˈjoʊnəz dɪˌziz/


  • A form of chronic enteritis in cattle and sheep, caused by a mycobacterium.

    • ‘Producers advocated extending the dairy price program and developing better methods to assess Johne's disease in U.S. cattle.’
    • ‘In 1901, a Scottish surgeon postulated that the disease he observed in the human intestine might be the same as Johne's disease in cattle.’
    • ‘Some industry officials postulate that Johne's disease may be linked to a human intestinal disorder in called Crohn's disease.’
    • ‘In 2002 alone, 100 animals in 34 herds were diagnosed as having Johne's disease, with one entire herd being depopulated.’


Early 20th century named after Heinrich A. Johne (1839–1910), German veterinary surgeon.


Johne's disease

/ˈyōniz diˌzēz/ /ˈjoʊnəz dɪˌziz/