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Pronunciation /ˌjänēˌkəmˈlātlē/ /ˌdʒɑniˌkəmˈleɪtli/


  • A newcomer to or late starter at a particular place or sphere of activity.

    • ‘I'm exposed to the public as a Johnny-come-lately to the scene’
    • ‘a johnny-come-lately to America, the grapefruit has made up for lost time’
    • ‘As Italian American clubs, all the recent anthologies can't help but look a bit johnny-come-lately.’
    • ‘They're the newest johnny-come-lately to blogging and they don't stand a chance against Blogger, MT, Wordpress and everything else that came before.’
    • ‘Indeed, objections to Mary are johnny-come-latelies on the stage of Protestant theology.’
    • ‘At the same time, Parlon is something of a johnny-come-lately to the party, and suspicion abounds that he could just as happily represent another party.’
    • ‘Although New Zealand First is a johnny-come-lately, at least it has finally got it right.’
    • ‘The electoral college makes it likely that Harney - rather than a membership stuffed with johnny-come-latelies - will herself choose the next leader.’
    • ‘Of course, some johnny-come-latelies will have absolutely no recollection of that history, at all.’
    • ‘The Ramones aren't any johnny-come-lately to the right.’
    • ‘How does this johnny-come-lately who is more ‘pay-per-view’ than ‘free to air’ concern us people?’
    • ‘We do not have to fill this country with whoever wants to come here - any johnny-come-lately who feels uncomfortable here, there, or anywhere.’
    • ‘The threat comes not from some Whitehall johnny-come-lately, nor some politically correct illiterate chair of a focus group, seeking his day in the Sun.’
    • ‘Oh, johnny-come-lately, the new boy on the block, says that this is a Budget policy debate.’
    arrival, new arrival, immigrant, settler, stranger, outsider, foreigner, alien, intruder, parvenu, interloper
    beginner, novice, learner, trainee, apprentice, probationer, new recruit, raw recruit, new member, tyro, initiate, neophyte



/ˌjänēˌkəmˈlātlē/ /ˌdʒɑniˌkəmˈleɪtli/