Definition of joint tenancy in English:

joint tenancy


  • The holding of an estate or property jointly by two or more parties, the share of each passing to the other or others on death.

    • ‘Bearing this in mind, we now look at joint tenancies and tenancies in common.’
    • ‘Property held under a joint tenancy rather than separately passes to the survivor on death.’
    • ‘I am afraid, however, that it would be quite contrary to the College's policy to create a joint tenancy with him.’
    • ‘Furthermore, at the time of Joe's death his joint tenancy interest will disappear and Shirley will become the PR's sole owner.’
    • ‘With joint tenancy, the whole property is owned by two people.’
    • ‘I understand that you will not accept a joint tenancy agreement.’
    • ‘It was acted upon by both sisters, their wills being made in accordance with it, and it effected, in my opinion, a severance of the joint tenancy.’
    • ‘In other words, a joint tenant cannot disclaim his joint tenancy.’
    • ‘Every cohabiting couple should know the difference between joint tenancy and tenancy in common agreements.’
    • ‘One is called a joint tenancy with right of survivorship.’
    • ‘In a traditional marriage arrangement, there is a joint tenancy agreement.’
    • ‘Jonathan Cripwell, prosecuting for City of York Council, told magistrates that, in fact, Bi and Ali had a joint tenancy and they were living together.’
    • ‘This option ‘gives you the best feature of joint tenancy and community property,’ Randolph says.’
    • ‘But most student and many other shared houses are let on joint tenancy agreements.’
    • ‘It is important, in these circumstances, to split any joint tenancy on the property so that the couple own the property as tenants in common.’
    • ‘‘When we purchased our home in New Jersey together, we had to do so under joint tenancy to protect our rights as a couple and as individuals,’ Keene says.’