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joint venture

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  • A commercial enterprise undertaken jointly by two or more parties which otherwise retain their distinct identities.

    ‘Provided that there is a full-function joint venture it will be within the Regulation.’
    • ‘Both joint ventures and private enterprises can register to run job fair businesses.’
    • ‘Exports of joint ventures or subsidiaries of overseas companies are also on the rise.’
    • ‘Alliances, joint ventures or fully fledged mergers are all possible.’
    • ‘The Irish outlet is company-owned, although Zara also has a number of joint ventures and franchises.’
    • ‘Vallely and Murphy are also considering how joint ventures or partnerships for commercial developments might be structured.’
    • ‘In this case, large-scale privatization has created many opportunities for foreign ownership and joint ventures.’
    • ‘Growth for companies like Wirra Wirra will come from mergers, buy-outs or joint ventures.’
    • ‘A country must not require multinationals to form joint ventures with domestic enterprises.’
    • ‘But foreign-invested enterprises including joint ventures are not allowed to do so.’
    • ‘The different styles between joint ventures and State-owned enterprises show up in this occasion.’
    • ‘The ICT hopes to extend commercial joint ventures by providing space and facilities for new and existing companies.’
    • ‘Already they are undertaking joint ventures and forming strategic alliances.’
    • ‘The 1997 amendments to the Merger Control Regulation modified the treatment of certain types of joint ventures.’
    • ‘Only equity manufacturing joint ventures fall within the scope of the present study.’
    • ‘This could be either through an overseas joint venture or a wholly owned subsidiary.’
    • ‘Remember that basically the only value they add to the joint ventures is their ability to get the quota allocation.’
    • ‘The joint venture management system may be one way to insure technology transfer.’
    • ‘Escorts, which has joint ventures in the US and Poland, will replicate the same model for the Chinese market.’
    • ‘Members will also promote joint ventures with Zambian businessmen.’


joint venture

/ˌjoint ˈvenCHər/ /ˌdʒɔɪnt ˈvɛntʃər/