Definition of jokester in English:



  • A person fond of making or telling jokes.

    ‘he was an outgoing, fun-loving kid, the family jokester’
    • ‘A jokester in the press corps started softly singing, "Climb every mountain..."’
    • ‘The jokester proceeds to counter all of the straight man's objections.’
    • ‘I wish the real me was just this hilarious jokester.’
    • ‘A mean-spirited jokester, Joe constantly concocts plans to humiliate Charlie.’
    • ‘He is one of the team downs, a prankster and jokester.’
    • ‘Thank goodness Dave Letterman is in my life again - the gap-toothed jokester returned to the tube this week, touting impressive guests and sharper punchlines.’
    • ‘The character is meant to be an entertainingly frantic jokester, but most of the time the guy is just annoying.’
    • ‘Yes, it has some amusing dialogue, mostly one-liners, but the humor is that of a professional popgun for hire, an impersonal jokester, rather than an observer of humanity.’
    • ‘In fables, Uncle Coyote is constantly outwitted by the jokester and trickster Uncle Rabbit.’
    • ‘And although he appeared to be something of a jokester himself, I could see that the other students (as evidenced by their nodding heads) agreed at least a tiny bit with his analysis.’



/ˈjōkstər/ /ˈdʒoʊkstər/