Definition of jolly good in English:

jolly good


  • 1British informal Very good or enjoyable.

    • ‘you're free to have a jolly good time’
    • ‘He'd had a jolly good breakfast.’
    • ‘Even now we occasionally pull out the tapes we made at that time and have a jolly good chuckle to remind ourselves of how far she has actually come!’
    • ‘The proposals seem to amount to two things: providing useful information, and putting on a jolly good citizenship ceremony.’
    • ‘The really annoying thing about trying to interview him is that he can be jolly good company.’
    • ‘I did a jolly good deal.’
    • ‘He invited himself and the rest of the staff crew to come and wreck my life in a weekend of jolly good fun.’
    • ‘I found its seafood a little drier than I would like, but still think it's a jolly good idea and would try it again.’
    • ‘He's having a jolly good time in his little universe, completely oblivious of the world around him.’
    1. 1.1Very thorough.
      • ‘the desire to give a house a jolly good clean’
  • 2British informal Used to express agreement or consent.

    • ‘jolly good, let's press on’
    • ‘Jolly good, that makes a nice change.’
    • ‘"Jolly good," she says, moving on.’
    • ‘"Jolly good, it's still working then."’
    • ‘Well, jolly good—he must have met someone.’
    • ‘Jolly good. Arthur it is then.’
    • ‘Jolly good. It's about time, too!’