Definition of jolly well in English:

jolly well

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informal British
  • Used for emphasis, especially when one is angry or irritated.

    • ‘I'm going to keep on eating as much sugar as I jolly well like’
    • ‘You see what an expense you've jolly well gone and caused there?’
    • ‘As an AA spokesman put it: ‘In spite of petrol prices it seemed everyone thought, ‘This was our last chance and we'll jolly well make the most of it’.’’
    • ‘I'd like to see what our roof looks like - whether it has a lake on it like the flat roofs in the courtyard below - but unfortunately, Google doesn't jolly well support Macintoshes.’
    • ‘We promised ourselves a few days - ‘as long as it takes’ - of rest and recuperation, not to mention re-adjustment, and we're jolly well taking our time over it.’
    • ‘Well, you jolly well won't have the chance any other term!’
    • ‘Alec jolly well expected everything to be absolutely right.’
    • ‘I heard one of the English rugby squad on the radio this week enthusing about how nice it was to be part of a team which was doing jolly well, even though their country is unassuming and doesn't like to brag about its victories.’
    • ‘The cowardly cyber-stalkers and other anonymous yellow-bellied hatemongers who lurk on the Internet, preying on decent folks, can jolly well lump it.’
    • ‘This made Michael so angry that he took time off from installing telephone lines to urge Dunkers to jolly well speak up for himself, or he would have to do it for him.’
    • ‘All in all, a good month (but for now back to the summer mowing as long as it stops jolly well raining!’