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Pronunciation /jôrˈdānēən/ /dʒɔrˈdeɪniən/


  • Relating to Jordan or its people.

    ‘a Jordanian government official’
    • ‘The proposal is sponsored by the Jordanian ministry of tourism and antiquities.’
    • ‘It's just after midnight in a restaurant in the Jordanian town of Madaba, and the singer is getting into his stride.’
    • ‘Each morning, I met Alice, a smiling, middle-aged Jordanian lady, at the breakfast table.’
    • ‘The leader of the group is Jordanian.’
    • ‘Our experts listened to the accent and they determined that it is not Jordanian.’
    • ‘She lives alone in a modest studio apartment in Amman, the Jordanian capital.’


  • A native or inhabitant of Jordan.

    ‘he has been given rent-free accommodations by a sympathetic Jordanian’
    • ‘The Egyptian sat on my right side, and the Jordanian on my left.’
    • ‘His opponent for the Fifa presidency was a Jordanian who won more than a third of the vote but pulled out rather than force a second round.’
    • ‘The artificial reef project is a collaboration between Israelis and Jordanians to restore the local Gulf reef culture.’
    • ‘Two Jordanians, for example, used salt from the Dead Sea to store up solar heat during the day and generate electricity at night.’
    • ‘January was one of the wettest months Jordanians could remember.’
    • ‘The Jordanians had one clear chance but al-Zawareh inexplicably fired wide from close range early in the second half.’



/jôrˈdānēən/ /dʒɔrˈdeɪniən/