Definition of jorts in English:


plural noun

informal North American
  • Shorts made of denim fabric.

    • ‘turn all your jeans into jorts’
    • ‘I feel like people with chin straps have a high propensity for wearing jorts.’
    • ‘As far as first impressions go, this is sort of like showing up for junior Prom in jorts.’
    • ‘Try baggy jorts and a white tank top.’
    • ‘D.J. wrote on Saturday morning about the jersey-wearing Mets fan who rushed the field after Johan Santana's no-hitter and joined in the on-field celebration until security figured out that it was not, in fact, the ghost of Cary Carter, wearing jorts, coming back to revel in the historic accomplishment.’
    • ‘Perhaps I just hated the aesthetics of an event where he is the prom king, in his doofusy XXL hockey shirts and calf-length jorts.’
    • ‘We also saw him turn 36 (which now officially makes it 20 years since he should have stopped wearing jorts).’
    • ‘Most people aren't born with an exquisite sense for style and fashion, which explains why Jamz, Hawaiian shirts and jorts have stubbornly refused to go away.’
    • ‘Tight jorts, Toms, and either an ironic T or a tank top is like the hipster guy uniform here.’
    • ‘Proper attire - Leave the jorts and stained sweatpants in your mom's basement.’
    • ‘Instead, try a breezy gingham button-down shirt, jorts and thong sandals.’



/jôrts/ /dʒɔrts/


1990s blend of jeans and shorts.