Definition of jorum in English:



  • A large bowl or jug used for serving drinks such as tea or punch.

    ‘Most of these already hefty meals were ‘washed down’ with jorums of ultra-sweet beverages, notably indigenous preparations of robust viscosity like snowball, or punches made from peanut butter, barbadine, soursop and seamoss.’
    • ‘It seems ‘a jorum is a chamberpot, in this case used as a mug in drinking healths and toasts.’’
    • ‘Sitting in what was once a Corsetry Fitting Room, after several jorums, I began to see History with an infinitely greater clarity.’
    • ‘Wyk is measured in jorums.’
    earthenware container, glass container, pot, crock, urn, pitcher, jug, flask, decanter, carafe, flagon, ewer, drum, canister



/ˈjōrəm/ /ˈdʒoʊrəm/ /ˈjôrəm/ /ˈdʒɔrəm/


Early 18th century perhaps from Joram (2 Sam. 8:10), who ‘brought with him vessels of silver, and vessels of gold’ to King David.