Definition of Joseph of Arimathea, St in English:

Joseph of Arimathea, St

proper noun

  • A member of the council at Jerusalem who, after the Crucifixion, asked Pilate for Jesus' body, which he buried. He is also known from the medieval story that he came to England with the Holy Grail and built the first church at Glastonbury. Feast day, 17 March.


Joseph of Arimathea, St

/ˌjōzəf əv ˌeriməˈTHēə/ /ˌdʒoʊzəf əv ˌerɪməˈθiə/ /ˈjōsəf əv/ /ˈdʒoʊsəf əv/ /ə ˌerəməˈTHēə/ /ə ˌɛrəməˈθiə/