Definition of Jove in English:


Pronunciation /jōv/ /dʒoʊv/

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proper noun

another name for Jupiter


    by Jove
    • An exclamation indicating surprise or used for emphasis.

      ‘by Jove, that's a cold wind’
      • ‘And by Jove, I always try to give young entertainers a break whenever I can!’
      • ‘Sure we got beaten week in and week out, but by Jove we had some fun.’
      • ‘I believe in what man can do, and by Jove, he's done some pretty marvellous things.’
      • ‘But it's hawkwatch season and by Jove we're committed to watching hawks.’
      • ‘It's a difficult act to pull off, but by Jove, they've done it.’


From Latin Jov-, stem of Old Latin Jovis, replaced later by Jupiter. The exclamation by Jove dates from the late 16th century.