Definition of Joycean in English:


Pronunciation /ˈjoisēən/ /ˈdʒɔɪsiən/


  • Relating to or characteristic of the Irish writer James Joyce or his works, especially with reference to the stream-of-consciousness technique.

    ‘a poetically Joycean monologue’
    • ‘The lyrics mixed Joycean wordplay with private teen mythology.’
    • ‘The stories themselves, running the gamut from visionary science fiction to well-wrought tales that end in Joycean anti-climax, do not offer up a clear sense of before and after.’
    • ‘It comes across as some kind of modernist Joycean construct.’
    • ‘His Georgian townhouse is beautifully restored thanks to the efforts of a Joycean enthusiast who saved the house from demolition.’
    • ‘This ecstatic last chapter where love and death are necessary ingredients of this epiphany, so Joycean in style, leaves the reader in abeyance.’
    • ‘Contemporary art, just like a lot of Joycean literature, became a rebellion, because they are saying we define art by that which is not art.’
    • ‘She has been joined in her opposition to the plan by a renowned Joycean scholar.’
    • ‘The centrepiece of this year's centenary celebrations was a symposium attended by 900 Joycean scholars from around the world.’


  • A student or admirer of the Irish writer James Joyce or his works.

    ‘loyal Joyceans will find the show disappointing’
    • ‘Given that he was a Joycean, other linguistic considerations were involved, too.’
    • ‘The eminent Joycean and Professor of American Literature at Oxford mentioned to me hearing a paper of hers at an academic conference.’
    • ‘The book should be of great interest to readers concerned to understand the current reach of Joyce criticism, as well as to modernists and Joyceans.’
    • ‘I haven't seen the film adaptation of Ulysses, but I hear some Joyceans respect and admire its attempt to film an unfilmable novel.’
    • ‘Joyceans given to lengthy quotations from Ulysses should beware of reports of copyright police lurking at public readings as the ReJoyce Festival goes into top gear this week.’
    • ‘Today in Dublin, wandering Joyceans will roam the city visiting many of the places where the book is set and attempt to reconstruct the events of the novel.’
    • ‘My paper isn't on Ulysses; it's on Finnegans Wake, a novel that most Joyceans tend to avoid because it's so complex.’



/ˈjoisēən/ /ˈdʒɔɪsiən/