Definition of joyfully in English:


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  • With great pleasure and happiness.

    ‘after months of snow, I joyfully welcome the rain’
    • ‘the men sang joyfully’
    • ‘The family greeted me joyfully, especially Juliette.’
    • ‘His obsessive imagining of a lost civilization seems to have joyfully regressed to the thrill-seeking bent of an adolescent model-builder.’
    • ‘Mozart's lyrical, endless melodies rippled joyfully through the warm acoustical ambience of the auditorium.’
    • ‘The younger participants joyfully seized the opportunity presented to them.’
    • ‘Ringtones to the music industry mean gravy—certainly another revenue stream from which they can joyfully tap.’
    • ‘She pulled her lighter from her pocket, spinning it in her fingers almost joyfully.’
    • ‘Other scenes are of a more exuberant nature, suggestive of a child joyfully tossing a ball or piece of clothing into the air.’
    • ‘She had run out of the building and jumped into his arms, dropping her luggage and smiling joyfully.’
    • ‘Out among the redwoods, bays, and oaks of the Berkeley hills, she feels totally, joyfully at home.’
    • ‘His son seemed happy and laughed joyfully at not only himself, but also the absurdities of life.’



/ˈjoifəlē/ /ˈdʒɔɪfəli/