Definition of joylessly in English:



See joyless

‘The image of Atta joylessly spooning cold mashed potato into his mouth, taken with everything else we know, strongly suggested a man for whom this world mattered little.’
  • ‘Given these constraints, as oppressive as the white tie and collar studs the men joylessly wear, the actors give focused, intelligent performances.’
  • ‘Ady's poems became required reading joylessly recited by generations of Hungarian schoolchildren in bombastic voices of patriotism.’
  • ‘Throughout the entire show no attention or respect was paid to the viewers; the team were far too busy talking to each other, joylessly.’
  • ‘I write this dutifully and joylessly in the manner of someone taking out the garbage or performing some other unpleasant task that's been done before but which must be done once more.’