Definition of joypad in English:


Pronunciation /ˈjoipad/ /ˈdʒɔɪpæd/


  • An input device for a video games console which uses buttons to control the motion of an image on the screen.

    • ‘You can assign keystrokes to buttons for games that don't support joypads natively, allowing keyboard or mouse emulation.’
    • ‘It also lacks any kind of playability, relying instead on a slack-jawed system of typing in combinations of buttons on your joypad to initiate some lame animation that represents your ‘move.’’
    • ‘The main control is a four-way joypad which also presses in to provide a ‘select’ option.’
    • ‘It'll seem dreadfully confusing at first in fact, but it works very well in the end and effectively squeezes the full commands of a mouse and keyboard into an N64 joypad with style.’
    • ‘I own two consoles, two PCs, many, many joypads, a dancemat and a force-feedback steering wheel.’
    • ‘By pressing the B button on the joypad the view switches from 3rd person to 1st person allowing you to look through the camera's view finder and point it at the attacking spirit.’
    • ‘Alongside the lower screen is the usual joypad and buttons, but some games will use the touch-screen and a stylus.’
    • ‘Over on the left is the joypad and, to fill a space, buttons for three apps: Music Player, Radio and the application launcher.’
    • ‘Don't cry son, perhaps it'll work if you plug the joypads in?’
    • ‘The standard version will be accompanied by a ‘satin silver’ model of the hardware, which is £10 more expensive than the black version but does come bundled with two silver joypads.’
    • ‘To your joypads then I say, let the games begin once more!’
    • ‘Get the handling right and the joypad works a treat.’
    • ‘What made me laugh the most was their joypad - it's basically the same one we saw a decade ago when the original console launched.’
    • ‘Still holding the joypad in his hand Timmy ran some more.’
    • ‘Previous cordless joypads often had a noticeable lag between trigger-squeezing and aliens being blasted.’
    • ‘They should have got the design right the first time around, and I'll be damned if I'm going to shell out £35 quid on a new joypad.’
    • ‘Fixing up involves actually opening your eyes, putting down the joypad, getting out to venues and experiencing life.’
    • ‘With a flick of your right joypad, you can jab, hook or uppercut your way to boxing immortality.’
    • ‘Surely our fair city has a wealth of opportunities for those willing to shun the pub and the joypad?’
    • ‘It's a joypad with games in-built as well as a gun and another joypad that connects to the first.’


1980s blend of joystick and keypad.



/ˈjoipad/ /ˈdʒɔɪpæd/