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  • 1A ride for enjoyment in a vehicle or aircraft.

    ‘It is, alas, an all-too-familiar scene on the streets of Rochdale as car crime soars and thieves think nothing of ending a night's joyride by destroying the vehicle.’
    • ‘Eventually we catch him with our bike as he goes for a joyride right back to where he stole it from.’
    • ‘There's a tracking device in every ship, in case someone decides to go for a joyride or something like this.’
    • ‘We weren't necessarily good kids, so we used to scheme about the usual: joyrides, smoking cigarettes, raiding the liquor cabinets and more.’
    • ‘They forget to say ten of those deaths have been due to joyrides.’
    • ‘The FBI in Atlanta is telling us this was more a joyride than anything else, and that there is no indication that terrorism had anything to do with the stealing of this jet.’
    • ‘The local couple, who have lived in the town for over 31 years, were subjected to a horrendous level of violence in pursuit of a few quid and the chance of a joyride.’
    • ‘A police spokesman said the incident appeared to have been a joyride.’
    • ‘Mr Hinchliffe recorded a verdict of death by misadventure and said a joyride had ended in the ‘most appalling tragedy’.’
    • ‘They believe their pride and joy may have been used on a joyride.’
    • ‘His joyride ended in a horrific crash which put him in a coma.’
    • ‘She said she feared for her life when a man who was testing her car, with her as passenger, embarked on a crazed high-speed joyride and refused to stop.’
    1. 1.1 informal A fast and dangerous ride in a stolen vehicle.
      • ‘kids stealing cars for a Saturday night joyride’



/ˈjoirīd/ /ˈdʒɔɪraɪd/