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  • 1Christian Church
    Designating a church or community consisting of Jews who have become Christians, especially while retaining many characteristic Jewish traditions and practices; belonging to or characteristic of such a church or community.

  • 2Designating those religious, ethical, or cultural values or beliefs regarded as being common to both Judaism and Christianity; of, relating to, or holding these shared values or beliefs. Also more generally: relating to or characteristic of both Judaism and Christianity.


  • 1Christian Church
    A member of a Judaeo-Christian church or community.

  • 2A person belonging to the Jewish and Christian traditions regarded collectively; a person having Judaeo-Christian values or beliefs; (in plural) Jews and Christians collectively.


Early 19th century. From Judaeo- + Christian.



/dʒuːˌdiːəʊˈkrɪstʃ(ə)n/ /dʒʊˌdeɪəʊˈkrɪstʃ(ə)n/