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  • Relating to Judaism or the ancient Jews.

    ‘tenets of Judaic law’
    • ‘In their philosophical work, both relied on texts drawn from Biblical, Talmudic, and other Judaic sources.’
    • ‘They specialise in sacred music from ancient and medieval cultures, particularly Judaic, Sephardic, Christian and Tibetan Buddhist.’
    • ‘It gave high priority to establishing yeshivas, religious academies devoted to the study of Judaic texts and law.’
    • ‘Karen added, ‘I wanted Judaic art, and Marc wanted something musical.’’
    • ‘Each academic year over 1,000 students enroll in undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral courses taught by the Judaic Studies faculty.’



/jo͞oˈdāik/ /dʒuˈdeɪɪk/


Early 17th century from Latin Judaicus, from Greek Ioudaïkos, from Ioudaios (see Jew).