Definition of judgment in default in English:

judgment in default


  • Judgment awarded to the plaintiff on the defendant's failure to plead.

    ‘The third defendant did not serve a defence and judgment in default of defence was entered against him.’
    • ‘Mangan applied to the High Court for judgment in default of defence.’
    • ‘It follows that there is no way in which the retrospective application of the rule can found a basis for obtaining judgment in default.’
    • ‘Burying your head in the sand because ‘you can't afford lawyers’ will result in judgement in default.’
    • ‘No suggestion of any defence was made until this application in witness statements to support an application and to set aside the judgment in default.’


judgment in default

/ˈjəjmənt in dəˈfôlt/ /ˈdʒədʒmənt ɪn dəˈfɔlt/ /dēˈfôlt/ /diˈfɔlt/