Definition of June bug in English:

June bug

(also June beetle)

Pronunciation /ˈjo͞on ˌbəɡ/ /ˈdʒun ˌbəɡ/


  • A large brown scarab beetle that appears in late spring and early summer.

    Also called May beetle

    Genus Phyllophaga, family Scarabaeidae: several species, especially the northern June bug (P. fusca)

    ‘They range from the very short term, like the life cycle of a June bug, which lives only a few days, to the life cycle of a planet, which takes billions of years.’
    • ‘Research shows that bug zappers kill plenty of insects, such as June bugs and moths, but not many mosquitoes.’
    • ‘During a recent evening visit to a friend's house early this spring, I noticed some June bugs flying around the outside porch light.’