Definition of junior lightweight in English:

junior lightweight


  • 1A weight in professional boxing of 125–130 pounds (57.1–59 kg).

    1. 1.1A professional boxer whose weight is 125–130 pounds (57.1–59 kg).
      ‘One week later, we competed at the Gold's Classic and she placed first as an open heavyweight and took the overall championship, and I placed first as a junior lightweight and took the overall championship.’
      • ‘As a junior lightweight in the early 1970s, he lost on points against Yoshiaka Numata for the world title.’
      • ‘He may even be at his ultimate, pinnacle prime, according to his friend Robbie Peden who is himself the current IBF no. 1 ranked junior lightweight in the world.’
      • ‘He was one of the best junior lightweights and he has the skills to be the best lightweight fighter.’
      • ‘In his fifth fight at junior lightweight, he fought WBC junior lightweight and long-time reigning champ Alfredo Escalera.’


junior lightweight

/ˈjo͞onyər ˈlītˌwāt/ /ˈdʒunjər ˈlaɪtˌweɪt/