Definition of junkball in English:



  • An off-speed pitch that moves erratically, such as a breaking ball or knuckleball.

    ‘he swung at an outside junkball, sending a pop near the stands’
    • ‘a junkball pitcher’
    • ‘His best attributes were control and a diverse arsenal of junkball pitches.’
    • ‘Santana's stuff isn't anywhere near junkball status but he's been routinely throwing 86-88 MPH all year.’
    • ‘My guess is neither Thomas or Kingman could hit junkballs, total shot in the dark there.’
    • ‘When he lays off those outside junkballs he can hit anything else with authority.’
    • ‘Yogi Berra was a notorious junkball hitter - but those hitters are rare.’



/ˈjəNGkˌbôl/ /ˈdʒəŋkˌbɔl/