Definition of juridically in English:


Pronunciation /jəˈridək(ə)lē/ /dʒəˈrɪdək(ə)li/



See juridical

sentence adverb ‘the referendum was juridically invalid’
  • ‘States are juridically equal under international law.’
  • ‘Nevertheless, most legal commentators assume that the accused can expect acquittal, because breach of trust crimes are juridically not clearly defined.’
  • ‘Nor would ‘we’ do so, juridically, until 180 years of internecine strife and lynching had wrung that dishonesty out of the system.’
  • ‘Culturally and juridically, cities were always associated with special rights and liberties.’
  • ‘More generally, the import of the legislation during this period was that unions found themselves in sets of relations which were juridically defined and restricted.’



/jəˈridək(ə)lē/ /dʒəˈrɪdək(ə)li/