Definition of juristic in English:



See jurist

‘In that respect, he stands in a different juristic position, at least for international law purposes, than if the finding of him being a genuine refugee had not been made.’
  • ‘There are, we think, four or perhaps five distinct juristic grounds for finding that a guarantor is released or discharged by virtue of the failure of another guarantor to become liable.’
  • ‘In the present state of juristic opinion, I would not extend the doctrine of stare decisis any further.’
  • ‘In order for a finding of unjust enrichment, there must be a finding that the respondent was enriched to the applicant's detriment and there was no juristic reason for the enrichment.’
  • ‘The alternative of ‘joint enterprise’ suggested some other (it was not clear what) juristic basis for the claim.’



/jo͝oˈristik/ /dʒʊˈrɪstɪk/