Definition of jury-rig in English:



See jury-rigged

‘The engineers jury-rigged chill water, tying in fittings with a fire hose to restore air conditioning.’
  • ‘She was taken there by the wheezing and heroic efforts of a very old outboard motor, jury-rigged over her stern, and by the cheerful encouragement of five children, one woman and a man, and she knew immediately that she'd found her place.’
  • ‘In real life, of course, a brigantine's crew would have either fixed or jury-rigged a rudder at sea (far more difficult repairs were routinely made afloat) or simply steered the ship with her sails.’
  • ‘The previous day we had left England, refueled in Scotland, jury-rigged the transient-line support equipment to start the plane, and then made an uneventful trip over the North Sea to Iceland.’
  • ‘Each work has a bunch of wire coming out from the bottom, suggesting all has been jury-rigged by a resourceful do-it-yourselfer, but also serving as a decorative flourish.’



/ˈjo͝orēˌriɡ/ /ˈdʒʊriˌrɪɡ/