Definition of jus gentium in English:

jus gentium


  • International law.

    ‘They had the whole jus gentium to deal with them.’
    • ‘There was another law, though it was still under the umbrella of Rome and its empire, for people who were not Roman - the jus gentium, or the law of people generally.’
    • ‘He argued that the English crown used a letter patent to authorize overseas activities primarily to show the ‘outer world’ that these enterprises were consistent with the evolving jus gentium.’
    • ‘People are brought under our power as slaves either by the civil law or by the jus gentium.’
    • ‘Although he does not fully develop this idea, it is strikingly reminiscent of the way the jus gentium developed in the Roman Empire; he has laid out a foundation block for his own civilizational dialogue.’


jus gentium

/ˈjəs ˈjenSHēəm/ /ˈdʒəs ˈdʒɛnʃiəm/


Latin, literally ‘law of nations’.