Definition of just as well in English:

just as well

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  • A good or fortunate thing.

    ‘it was just as well I didn't know at the time’
    • ‘By the time he got back, they were gone, which was just as well because much of the rage and derision was directed at him.’
    • ‘Which was just as well because he had no intention of giving me anything.’
    • ‘It's just as well there's no-one here right now to be sympathetic and supportive.’
    • ‘The jetlag hasn't kicked in yet, which is just as well because I've had to hit the ground running.’
    • ‘This is just as well, given his curious double life at opposite ends of the entertainment spectrum.’
    • ‘Perhaps it's just as well that I didn't have to dispose of it on the web, though.’
    • ‘The family didn't see these Allied soldiers at the house again - which was just as well.’
    • ‘It began to seem possible that his never having asked me was just as well.’
    • ‘It is just as well that Mr Imbert added that implementation was one of his strengths.’
    • ‘He is enthusiastic and clearly loves his job - which is just as well, since he works six days a week.’