Definition of just folks in English:

just folks


(also just plain folks)
  • Ordinary, down-to-earth, unpretentious people.

    ‘Some are professional journalists, but the vast majority of them are just folks with something on their minds.’
    • ‘Don't you figure it's possible that a half million or more of Egan's flock are just folks from the suburbs?’
    • ‘ also has a good forum for postings from just folks.’
    • ‘We civilians sometimes forget that these great athletes are just folks, too.’
    • ‘Stories that work in minorities and other underrepresented groups as experts - or just folks with something of value to say - are worth doing too.’
    • ‘The story's piquancy, after all, depends on the fact that, though they move in criminal circles, the characters are just folks, like you or me.’
    • ‘Certainly they responded, from the great to just folks.’
    • ‘These are just folks like all of us in this interview, like my neighbours.’