Definition of just on in English:

just on


  • (with reference to time and numbers) exactly.

    ‘it was just on midnight’
    • ‘David Watt got the opener, Marc Anthony grabbed a second and Garry Wood claimed a third just on the interval.’
    • ‘Once, in a restaurant restroom where there would be no rest, I was just on the point of giving up.’
    • ‘Actually the earthy colour scheme used throughout the property is probably just on the somber side of restful.’
    • ‘The game had opened up with such alacrity that something had to give and it did so just on half time but in the most conventional manner.’
    • ‘But just on the break they reduced the arrears when Danny Hickey went the length of the field to score.’
    • ‘It was just on the stroke of half time that an incident occurred that would change the course of the game.’
    • ‘We finished just on schedule on Wednesday and returned to the island on Friday.’
    • ‘Wath reduced the arrears just on the break with a penalty when the New Lane side were caught offside.’
    • ‘We do know it intuitively, but since we don't know the rules, we live just on the edge of knowing it.’
    • ‘They went ahead when Tom Copeland fielded a stray opposition kick just on half way.’