Definition of just so in English:

just so


  • 1Arranged or done very neatly and carefully.

    ‘polishing the furniture and making everything just so’
    • ‘She puffs her chest out and stays still, looking this way and that, up and down, arranging her tail just so.’
    • ‘John and Ethan have been working at it nearly everyday, making sure everything is just so.’
    • ‘They like everything just so and have not had an outspoken driver since the days of Ayrton Senna.’
    • ‘That said, for a man who likes everything in his life to be just so, he has had a fairly traumatic six months.’
    • ‘His bedroom has to be just so, and he doesn't like furniture to be moved.’
    • ‘She was wearing a business skirt and a nice blouse, and she had her hair done up just so.’
    • ‘The dance floor in particular took a lot of sweat to keep in form for the dancers but it was always kept just so.’
  • 2 formal Used to express agreement.

    ‘“And to limit the hours,” Jasper added. “Just so.”’
    • ‘"Just so!" said the Plain Man. "I see what you mean. I'll tell you a brand new tale of my own to prove that I do."’
    • ‘"Just so," said the incorrigible toper," but I never saw a drunken man before; because I am always the first to get drunk and the last to get sober."’
    yes, exactly, quite, absolutely, right, that's right, just so, quite so, indubitably, without a doubt, definitely