Definition of justness in English:


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Pronunciation /ˈjəstnəs/ /ˈdʒəstnəs/


See just

‘I believe that the time frame suggested in the bill in which claims should be completed suggests that we may compromise justness and fairness all for the sake of expediency.’
  • ‘States might have been willing to concede the theoretical justness of the functional principle, but they would not enforce it in real negotiations.’
  • ‘This would be one who believes himself to be an exception to rules of fairness, justness, or courtesy.’
  • ‘And we question the justness of tenuring him, certainly of the size of his salary and administrative reach.’
  • ‘People are just not convinced of the justness or need for war.’



/ˈjəstnəs/ /ˈdʒəstnəs/