Definition of juvenile court in English:

juvenile court


  • A court of law responsible for the trial or legal supervision of children under a specified age (18 in most countries).

    • ‘And then when the minor turns 21, he is no longer under the jurisdiction of the juvenile court, and at that time it becomes a civil debt.’
    • ‘In addition, historians have demonstrated that not only was there conflict within juvenile courts, but that juvenile courts were also buffeted by external political conflicts.’
    • ‘It created intellectual property courts, consumer courts, juvenile courts and family courts.’
    • ‘The juvenile court held in favor of Paul, and the California Supreme Court agreed - but it did so over two heated dissents.’
    • ‘A juvenile court judge in Florida faxed the names, addresses, and birth dates of illegal immigrant children who had come into his courtroom to the U.S. Border Patrol.’
    • ‘Even the original juvenile court in Chicago remanded thirty-seven boys to the adult criminal court in its first year of operation.’
    • ‘Moreover, as to certain offenses, the prosecutor may petition the juvenile court judge to transfer a case against a minor 14 years of age or older.’
    • ‘Such a sentence would significantly weaken the jurisdiction of the juvenile courts and undermine the special protections which that system is supposed to provide to young offenders.’
    • ‘Eventually the questions surrounding the effectiveness and scope of the juvenile court system reached the U.S. Supreme Court.’
    • ‘In recent years, juvenile courts and attorneys have come to rely heavily on mental health professionals for evaluations of youths in delinquency cases.’
    • ‘If you commit murder or attempted murder and you're a child, the juvenile court has no jurisdiction.’
    • ‘Instead the local sheriff served us a legal summons to appear before a juvenile court.’
    • ‘The presiding judge of the juvenile court granted consent for all detainees to participate in the study.’
    • ‘She appealed for the establishment of women's courts, along the lines of juvenile courts, and pointed out the evils of bringing women into the presence of court crowds for trial.’
    • ‘And so, the first juvenile court, like civil and criminal courts, was open, and reporters have covered it ever since.’
    • ‘Ultimately, the juvenile court placed him on probation.’
    • ‘There is an equally good discussion of the practices of England's juvenile courts and the emergence of a kind of judicial patriarchy in the interwar period.’
    • ‘Kirk found that processes of this kind helped to account for differential sentencing of young offenders in a juvenile court.’
    • ‘So the juvenile court couldn't get him even if the prosecutor wanted it.’


juvenile court