Definition of ka-ching in English:



(also ker-ching)
  • Used to represent the sound of a cash register, especially with reference to making money.

    ‘they likely have assets beyond the ka-ching of the cash register’
    • ‘Harry Potter got there first and the ker-ching of cash registers the world over proved audiences had a taste for fantasy and magic, wizards and elves.’
    • ‘So what if money-making teens in Malaysia say a gleeful ker-ching!’
    • ‘And the ker-ching of the till when the house sells will be all the more melodious and rewarding for it.’
    • ‘Now the cash registers go ker-ching every time there's a fumble beneath the bed sheets.’
    • ‘But at the same stage, US cheapie producers were discovering that a bikini and a banjo went ker-ching.’
    • ‘The theme was the heroic struggle the victors had to endure in achieving sports’ most coveted position - the championship endorsement deal, ka-ching!’
    • ‘It's 70 feet each way for - ka-ching - another 53 miles in my exercise log.’
    • ‘An Ames or Clarke victory would have produced almost as much ka-ching as a DiMarco win.’



/kəˈCHiNG/ /kəˈtʃɪŋ/


Imitative; compare with ching.