Definition of kablooey in English:


Pronunciation /kəˈblui/


(also kablooie)
  • Destroyed or ruined.

    • ‘the amp will go kablooey since you will be sending an input signal far too strong for it’
    • ‘Here in San Francisco, you see huge container ships gliding through the Golden Gate every day and you wonder if that's the one that's going to go kablooey under the Bridge.’
    • ‘Then things at work started to go kablooey and I got to choose whether or not to put in double-overtime for a company that doesn't deem me worthy of benefits.’
    • ‘When the sex is great, there's a pretty good chance that everything else is going fine - but when there are problems, it's like a ticking bomb in your couplehood, just waiting to make the whole thing go kablooey.’
    • ‘The former House majority leader's carefully constructed and fiercely defended redoubt of power seems about to go kablooey.’
    • ‘Well, that situation has just gone kablooey.’
    • ‘The network is broadcasting a number of panel discussions and interviews from the BookExpo now taking place down at the L.A. Convention Center, where I would have been today if my computer hadn't gone kablooey.’
    • ‘Like that draft, Burnett's elbow has officially gone kablooey.’
    • ‘The economy eventually goes kablooey due to persistent and increasing deficits.’
    • ‘Superman could conceivably have figured out just when Krypton went kablooey but how could he have known how many days or weeks before that date he was born?’


(also kablooie)
  • Used to convey that something has happened in an abrupt way.

    ‘and, kablooey! The whole damn thing exploded!’
    • ‘It's like blowing up a balloon: You blow and blow and blow, and the balloon expands and expands until finally, the pressure of the air inside it is greater than the strength of the rubber, and kablooey.’
    • ‘Just When Guys Thought It Was Safe, Kablooey!’