Definition of kaboom in English:



  • Used to represent the sound of a loud explosion.

    ‘plant the grenade and retire very rapidly to a safe distance—kaboom!’
    • ‘Just when everything seems to be groovy - kaboom!’
    • ‘Not one of them heard another bomb go off or any sort of loud kaboom, so how this came about was a mystery to them all.’
    • ‘Nine minutes passed and nothing… 10 minutes… nothing… 20 and then kaboom!’
    • ‘And many plants, such as sunflowers and most tobacco varieties, pay no attention to the length of day or night; they grow until they reach a certain size, and then kaboom!’
    • ‘In fact they probably enjoy making the screeching sound of the brakes and the big kaboom sound of the impact.’
    • ‘I said, ‘Excuse me,’ and walked about 30 yards right down the street, when kaboom.’
    • ‘After a second James said, ‘Where's the kaboom?’’
    • ‘He was the one who caused the cafeteria to go kaboom?’
    • ‘All of a sudden I heard a big kaboom and everything around me just shattered and collapsed in on me.’
    • ‘And the audience sees the clock and they see it coming around to where it's going to go kaboom and we don't know anything about it.’



/kəˈbo͞om/ /kəˈbum/