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Kaffir lime

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  • A citrus tree of Southeast Asia with green fruit and aromatic leaves that are used in Thai and Indonesian cooking.

    Citrus hystrix, family Rutaceae

    ‘But the salmon was overcooked, and the dish failed to sing, its aromatic filaments of kaffir lime leaf notwithstanding.’
    • ‘The name kaffir lime derives from Asia rather than South Africa, perhaps from Indian Muslims who encountered the fruit as an import from Thailand and Sri Lanka, where non-Muslims predominated.’
    • ‘Magrood, also known as kaffir lime, is a citrus tree grown in Southeast Asia for its flavorful leaves and the peel of its fruit.’
    • ‘If you've got more room in the garden you can grow your own kaffir lime leaves but be warned, this small citrus tree has vicious spikes so needs a bit of space around it.’
    • ‘Drizzle the plate with the kaffir lime leaf oil.’


Kaffir lime

/ˈkafər ˌlīm/ /ˈkæfər ˌlaɪm/