Definition of kakapo in English:


nounplural noun kakapos

  • A large flightless New Zealand parrot with greenish plumage. Now endangered, it is nocturnal and ground-dwelling.

    Also called owl parrot

    Strigops habroptilus, family Psittacidae

    ‘The kakapo, a flightless bird, was particularly vulnerable to predators.’
    • ‘Among its treasure trove of fauna, New Zealand has other unique species such as the nocturnal, flightless kakapo, the world's largest parrot, of which only 83 remain.’
    • ‘From Luke comes news of the ovipository feats of the world's rarest parrot, the kakapo.’
    • ‘Like the kiwi and the kakapo, our school should be valued and treasured.’
    • ‘The erysipelas infection that killed the three kakapo was brought to the island by migratory sea birds, researchers said.’
    • ‘Female kakapo raise their chicks on their own, and at night they leave their nest to forage for food.’
    • ‘From the moment the first humans settled here they cut a swathe of destruction through everything from kauri to kakapo.’



/ˈkäkəˌpō/ /ˈkɑkəˌpoʊ/


Mid 19th century from Maori, literally ‘night kaka’.