Definition of kalanchoe in English:



  • A tropical succulent plant with clusters of tubular flowers, sometimes producing miniature plants along the edges of the leaves and grown as an indoor or greenhouse plant.

    Genus Kalanchoe, family Crassulaceae

    ‘I have quite a few kalanchoes, all planted in the same area.’
    • ‘For something in bloom, choose a camellia, Christmas cactus, cymbidium, kalanchoe, or moth orchid.’
    • ‘For the second year in a row, I am having a problem with my kalanchoes.’
    • ‘Azaleas and kalanchoes can live and bloom indoors for years if given bright light and normal care.’
    • ‘For a plant you can keep, consider bringing home a florist's azalea (not outdoor hardy), a miniature rose, cyclamen or kalanchoe.’



/ˌkalənˈkō-ē/ /ˌkælənˈkoʊ-i/


Mid 19th century modern Latin, from French, based on Chinese gāláncài.