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  • 1Having complex patterns of colors; multicolored.

    ‘kaleidoscopic diamond patterns’
    • ‘Look closer: the bow is encrusted with millions of kaleidoscopic jewel anemones.’
    • ‘The feeling is a little like having just walked into a kaleidoscopic abstract painting.’
    • ‘A child's revolving lantern projects kaleidoscopic images of brightly colored animals on a bedroom wall.’
    • ‘A kaleidoscopic wall behind the sushi bar draws people into this Japanese restaurant.’
    • ‘But the couple could see the potential behind the floral wallpapers, printed borders and kaleidoscopic carpets.’
    • ‘The camera seems to move in and out of the body in bursts of kaleidoscopic color.’
    • ‘The vibrant palette of beach paraphernalia, stripes on windbreaks and seaside rock translates with ease into kaleidoscopic designs in fused glass.’
    • ‘I tried out one of the goggles and was treated to a rather nice kaleidoscopic vision of brightly-coloured cubes slowly rotating around.’
    • ‘Visitors surrender to the kaleidoscopic vision by lying on large fabric-covered mattresses, like lily pads or the rubbery leaves of a tropical plant, which cover the church floor.’
    • ‘It's all so dazzling as to be kaleidoscopic in its beauty and swirling confusion.’
    • ‘The stage lights, which had started out in orange and purple, switched to green and purple, then pink and red, before becoming kaleidoscopic in effect.’
    • ‘Sunsets are followed by immediate sunrises and the kaleidoscopic effects on the horizon, with the colours ranging from pale pink to fiery orange, are a photographer's delight.’
    • ‘Within changing environments created by dramatic lighting effects, kaleidoscopic clusters appeared and dissolved.’
    • ‘As the engine revved, the traditional fireworks were unleashed and the skies exploded, kaleidoscopic.’
    • ‘Grouper, anemonefish and small morays jostled for position in this kaleidoscopic garden of coral, with some brightly coloured nudibranchs and small shrimp adding to the mix.’
    • ‘Cascading waterfalls, rapid rivers, serene lakes, craggy mountains, secret caves, bountiful seas, kaleidoscopic coral reefs and scenic islands all offer something for each individual.’
    • ‘In places it is punctured by bollards and peeled back to form benches, revealing glazed voids packed with multi-coloured fluorescent tubes that scintillate seductively with kaleidoscopic light.’
    • ‘From our seats in the bleachers, we stared west, hoping that another kaleidoscopic Florida sunset would add symbolic luster to this most American rite of passage.’
    • ‘Often in a palette of blue, red, black and white, these kaleidoscopic paintings have been related to the intricate stained-glass windows of Rhenish cathedrals.’
    • ‘Multi-coloured twisted frills of crepe paper were suspended from wall to wall covering the ceiling like a kaleidoscopic canopy.’
    multicoloured, many-coloured, multicolour, many-hued, variegated, particoloured, varicoloured, prismatic, psychedelic, rainbow, rainbow-like, polychromatic, harlequin, motley, many-splendoured
    ever-changing, changeable, shifting, fluid, protean, mutable, variable, varying, inconstant, unstable, fluctuating, mobile, unsteady, unpredictable, ever-moving, chameleon-like, chameleonic, impermanent, indefinite
    multifaceted, many-faceted, varied, manifold, multifarious
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    1. 1.1Made up of a complex mix of elements; multifaceted.
      ‘a kaleidoscopic range of topics’
      • ‘From the moment the first shots were fired, the internet provided a kaleidoscopic view of events in Mumbai.’
      • ‘He seems to have borrowed from every influential genre hit of the past decade to fashion a kaleidoscopic existential thriller.’
      • ‘In the onrushing, kaleidoscopic chaos of our life there is nothing substantial to hold onto.’
      • ‘Its kaleidoscopic narrative line, in turn, comes from motorcyle culture.’
      • ‘These are just the starting points for a much more ambitious project: a kaleidoscopic portrait of today's Russia.’
      • ‘Applied anthropology must "come of age" in this kaleidoscopic environment.’
      • ‘The audience that roared at every kaleidoscopic shift didn't have a clue.’
      • ‘Most famous of those is the kaleidoscopic score written for La Dolce Vita.’
      • ‘They are assembled in a kaleidoscopic fashion that jolts us out of our tendency to take the ordinary for granted.’
      • ‘The kaleidoscopic sweep of his playing was awesome!’
      • ‘Some days are made for walking and kaleidoscopic conversations.’
      • ‘His peers allude to his quick thinking and kaleidoscopic mind.’
      • ‘There was no one cultural system that embraced the kaleidoscopic character of eighteenth-century Britain.’
      • ‘But they pale in comparison to the kaleidoscopic energy and productivity of the free market.’
      • ‘Strings, guitar, organ, beats and voice come together in one singular, kaleidoscopic and symphonic adventure.’
      • ‘The band might wear their influences on their sleeve, but what a kaleidoscopic variety it is!’
      • ‘It is vivid because of its kaleidoscopic variety of peoples.’
      • ‘National colourful costumes combine with the beat of percussion instruments and the plucked and bowed strings of India to bring the mini-fest to a kaleidoscopic end.’
      • ‘In total, there are 26 seminarians, by no means all from the local area; the others reflect not only geographical diversity but the kaleidoscopic nature of the traditional movement.’
      • ‘Knocked down and bruised in the street demonstrations which preceded the Bolshevik Revolution of November 1917, her existence after November was a kaleidoscopic series of varied and strenuous activities.’



/kəˌlīdəˈskäpik/ /kəˌlaɪdəˈskɑpɪk/