Definition of kalua pig in English:

kalua pig


  • 1(in Hawaii) a whole pig baked underground in an imu until the meat is very tender.

    ‘two kalua pigs are usuallv prepared for each luau’
    • ‘Imus are used to prepare kalua pigs for luaus or other large gatherings.’
    • ‘Watch (and feast on) kalua pigs dug out of the imu, enjoy fire knife dancers and take in the tastes and music of all Polynesia.’
    • ‘When I wasn’t in the water, I was grilling or barbecuing—mostly with my Dad, who cooked kalua pigs at luaus.’
    • ‘An earthen oven called an imu is used to expertly roast kalua pigs, the most popular lu'au food.’
    • ‘The kalua pig is usually the centerpiece of a Hawaiian luau.’
    1. 1.1The meat of a kalua pig, or pork cooked in a manner intended to resemble this, typically pulled apart into small pieces for serving.
      ‘the taro farmers fed us kalua pig’
      • ‘try classic Hawaiian-style kalua pork’
      • ‘Here, a group of women dance a traditional hula on stage, while the crowd enjoys native dishes such as lomi lomi salmon and kalua pig.’
      • ‘I ordered Hawaiian-style eggs Benedict: poached eggs on savory kalua pig and taro hash.’
      • ‘Try the wickedly delicious steamed Opakapaka (pink snapper) laulau and shredded kalua pig wrapped in taro pancake.’
      • ‘Small Hawaiian food eateries offer easy-to-try mini-dishes of roasted kalua pig and poi, sweet potatoes, squid lu'au, and steamed fish.’
      • ‘While its famous thick and juicy hamburgers remain a menu highlight, other items also win praise, like ahi katsu, shrimp tempura, laulau, poi, rice, macaroni salad, lomi salmon and kalua pig.’
      • ‘Hungry for the kalua pork he grew up eating in Hawaii, Gary developed an easier and quicker version.’


kalua pig

/kəˈlo͞oə ˌpiɡ/ /kəˈluə ˌpɪɡ/


From Hawaiian kālua, literally ‘baked in an underground oven’.