Definition of kame in English:



  • A steep-sided mound of sand and gravel deposited by a melting ice sheet.

    ‘Elsewhere, small mounds (kames) are formed of cross-stratified sand deposited by streams from the ice.’
    • ‘It is characterized by moraines of the Weichselian Pleniglacial with intercalated outwash sediments including kame deposits, dead-ice depressions with lakes, fens or wetlands, and Late Saalian moraines in the south.’
    • ‘Ice contact features known to early geologists included kettles (correctly interpreted by Whittlesey in 1859) and kames.’
    • ‘A total of 313 species in 85 families and 204 genera were collected at the 30-hectare preserve which occurs on a glacial kame and has a rugged ridge and ravine topography.’
    • ‘The forest research area extends southward from the fen and is better drained because of a gradient caused by the rise onto a kame terrace (Twin Lakes in Fig.’



/kām/ /keɪm/


Late 18th century Scots form of comb.