Definition of kami in English:


nounplural noun kami

  • A divine being in the Shinto religion.

    ‘The kami can be likened to nature spirits, and Shinto shrines are usually found in areas of natural beauty.’
    • ‘Because of the concept of kami, Shinto at once affects the way tea is served, the way a package is wrapped, the way a war is fought, and the way an emperor is crowned.’
    • ‘I practice daily praying to the kami that nothing will go wrong.’
    • ‘When Buddhism came to Japan, one of the leading questions that caused concern was: how would the native kami respond to the importation of foreign deities?’
    • ‘Jujutsu can trace its origins back to the ancient age of the kami and time immemorial as a unique Japanese martial art.’



/ˈkämē/ /ˈkɑmi/