Definition of kampong in English:



  • A Malaysian enclosure or village.

    ‘‘There's a great need to build health awareness in the villages and kampungs, and slowly this is happening,’ said Faud.’
    • ‘They could also have burned down an entire kampung if they couldn't find us.’
    • ‘There is no fence to separate it from the nearby kampung, and no proper external lighting.’
    • ‘From the river you will see kampongs, a golden-domed mosque, a Victorian fort, a whole street of 19th century Chinese shophouses, and an imposing wooden-roofed palace, all set against a background of distant mountains.’
    • ‘Rasdullah, who tried but failed to qualify for the 2002 gubernatorial election, said more than 87,000 families in 40 kampongs across the city had been affected by the evictions.’
    • ‘Now, most of the kampongs have grotesque concrete eyesores fingering the sea, and there are all manner of boats arriving or departing every other hour.’
    • ‘WHEN I was a little girl we lived in a kampong in Malaysia.’
    • ‘Her husband distributed beer and live chickens to other kampungs.’
    • ‘The original look of a kampong is all that the tourists want to see.’
    • ‘Six months after starting the program, it was a joy to walk through the kampungs.’
    • ‘There are events and issues in their own kampung that are newsworthy.’
    • ‘The charity feeds 700 children in four kampongs each month and sponsors 120 children to attend school, among other things.’
    • ‘‘About 100 families in the kampong voluntarily prepare the meals,’ said Abdul Hamid, a resident of Kampung Luar Batang.’
    • ‘If I lived in a kampong, the food that I eat would not be considered special,’ she said.’
    • ‘Situated off the road in a Balinese kampong, it blends perfectly in the traditional surroundings of Banjar Palak, Sukawati, where it is located.’
    • ‘Through the kampong's black palms came the sound of galloping gamelan orchestras and bamboo sticks clacking away the evil spirits.’
    • ‘Residents of a kampong in Tangerang, west of Jakarta, have been exposed to radioactive waste for at least nine years.’
    • ‘In the kampong, she lives with an old woman who was her mother's neighbor.’
    • ‘The people who live in the housing complex near my kampong do the same thing.’
    • ‘My own little corner in Pamulang used to be quite idyllic: fresh air, nice neighbors (also the kampong people) and hardly any traffic.’



/ˈkämpôNG/ /-päNG/ /kɑmˈpɔŋ/


Malay; compare with compound.