Definition of kaoliang in English:



  • Sorghum of a variety grown in China and used to make dough and alcoholic drinks.

    Sorghum bicolor variety nervosum, family Gramineae

    ‘A liquid fermented product, such as a Taiwan kaoliang wine or a rice wine, is contained in the aging tank.’
    • ‘As for unsalvageable crops, farmers will be paid NT $11 per kilogram of corn and NT $10.5 for kaoliang.’
    • ‘Recombinant inbred lines were generated from a cross between SRN39, an African caudatum genotype, and SQR, a Chinese kaoliang line.’
    • ‘It is pointed out that histochemical and cytochemical studies of the hybrids compared with their parents are in urgent need for solving the problems dealing with hybridization of rice and kaoliang.’
    • ‘This was supplemented with kaoliang and similar grains.’



/ˌkoulēˈaNG/ /ˌkaʊliˈæŋ/


Early 20th century from Chinese gāoliang, from gāo ‘high’ + liáng ‘fine grain’.