Definition of Kaposi's sarcoma in English:

Kaposi's sarcoma


  • A form of cancer involving multiple tumors of the lymph nodes or skin, occurring chiefly in people with depressed immune systems, e.g. as a result of AIDS.

    ‘The differential diagnoses include dermatofibroma, keloid, Kaposi's sarcoma and metastatic carcinoma.’
    • ‘People with AIDS are also at great risk of developing cancers, especially Kaposi's sarcoma and lymphoma.’
    • ‘Mouth cancer can also develop if you have a type of cancer called Kaposi's sarcoma, which can affect any part of the skin.’
    • ‘Certain cancers, including the skin cancer known as Kaposi's sarcoma, may also develop in AIDS.’
    • ‘Prior shows him Kaposi's sarcoma, a disease in which malignant skin tumours form purple lumps.’


Kaposi's sarcoma

/kəˈpōsēz särˈkōmə/ /kəˈpoʊsiz sɑrˈkoʊmə/ /ˈkapəˌsēz/ /ˈkæpəˌsiz/ /ˈkäpōˌSHēz/ /ˈkɑpoʊˌʃiz/


Late 19th century named after Moritz K. Kaposi (1837–1902), Hungarian dermatologist.